What is the SPIN System?

The SPIN system is used by Service Providers in the voluntary sector to assist in the management of outcomes for Service Users while in service.

What does SPIN stand for?

Supporting People In Need

What training is required?

The training required to use the complete system takes about one to two hours. Training sessions can be arranged on a group basis or one to one.

Is support available?

Yes. Telephone support is available 7 days per week. Additional training can be provided if required at no additional cost.

Do we need specialist software to run the system?

No. The software uses open source software and you will not need to buy any specialist software for loading onto your office computers.

Can the system do ..........?

Yes. The standard system can perform many tasks that will suit your organisation. However, some functions you may want performed that the system cannot provide. The system was designed in a modular structure. This means that additional modules can be constructed and bolted on. So Yes the system has the potential to do everything that you want.

Where will the data be stored?

We use off site servers that are located within a secure environment and backed up eight times per day.

Who can access the system?

All users with access rights can use the system from anywhere with a broadband connection.

How is the data protected?

Access is via a logon and password protected facility over a MD5 encrypted form secure channel over an insecure network.

What type of reports can the system produce?

There are up to 35 individual reports in the standard system and the list below is only a small number of them:

  • Case load over the organisation or single User
  • Age range statistics
  • Reports suitable for funders
  • Hard outcomes reports
  • Hard outcomes for a group of cases
  • Case postal listing
    and many more....

Is the standard system adaptable?

Yes. The system is constructed in a modular format. Modules not required can be switched off. Addition modules can be constructed specific to the Clients requirements and bolted on to the system.

How many individual cases can be entered?

As many cases as you want.

How many Users can enter data into the system?

As many Users as you want.

Can the system be customised?

Yes. The standard system can easily be modified in many ways to make it specific to your operational needs. Additional modifications can be carried out at specific request.

Can we have the system on a trial basis?

Yes. We offer the system to Clients on a trial basis for up to four (4) months free of charge. The system will be customised to make specific to your operational need as part of the trail. If at the end of the trial you do not want the system it will be switch off and all the data will be deleted. There will be no costs to you during a trial.

What do we need to do to have a trail?

Contact us and we will arrange everything. Terms and conditions will apply however. Contact us for additional information on having the system for a trial period.


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