MACS was established in 1990 to provide a range of services for vulnerable young people aged 16-25 years. In the last 18 years MACS has succeeded in developing an approach which is effective and sustainable. The values and model of the organisation, particularly its approach to user involvement, are at the centre of this success.


Young People and Stakeholders

Support young people who have not had a fair deal 16-25 across MACS’ three services:

  • Supported Housing,
  • Mentoring
  • Floating Support.

Set up a young people’s forum to develop a young people’s participation strategy.

1 Strategic vision day for 25 young people across the organisation.

Achieve a quality service for all young people at MACS.

Referrers and other stakeholders receive a good or excellent service from MACS.

Objectives Outcomes

  • MACS supported over 275 young people across the three services
  • 30 young people attended four  young people’s forums
  • Set up a young people and staff participation subgroup
  • Developed a four year young people’s  participation strategy 2011-2015
  • 25 young people attended
  • Young People consulted on Vision, Mission, Aims & Values
  • Young People made changes on an operational level
  • 98% of young people indicated they received a good or excellent service
  • 100% of stakeholders indicated that they received a good or excellent service


Ensure MACS are a regulated Housing, Floating and Mentoring Support provider.

Maintain and enhance MACS monitoring/outcomes system.

Young people benefit from an alternative therapeutic intervention.

Research and develop the need for a high support leaving and aftercare service in Belfast.

Ensure MACS meet the relevant standards as indicated by funders.

Develop a new strategy 2011-2015 in partnership with young people.

Operations Outcomes

  • MACS maintained a Supporting People Accreditation from March 2009
  • MACS maintained Mentoring Befriending Foundation (Approved Provider standards) 2009-2012, OCN Centre Approved
  • SPIN database system implemented to track and monitor outcomes
  • Received funding through Building Change Trust to pilot SPIN system with four other voluntary organisations
  • Project proposal and funding plan will be developed for Equine Assisted Growth and Learning services by March 2012
  • Proposal for high support project accepted by Supporting People and Belfast Trust and will be commissioned by December 2011
  • MACS achieved level B Quality Assessment Framework (Supporting People)
  • MACS achieved Level A in young people’s participation Quality Assessment Framework (Supporting People)
  • Strategy 2011-2015  to be published in September 2011

People and Innovation

Establish greater partnership and collaboration with other agencies.

Ensure staff and volunteer development is central to MACS’ ethos.

Carry out and external staff satisfaction questionnaire.

Strengthen governance and strategic leadership.

People and Innovation Outcomes

  • Received funding from Building Change Trust to develop shared corporate services project with Include Youth and VOYPIC
  • MACS maintained Investors in People award 2009
  • Working towards obtaining Health and Wellbeing Award – Investors in People by September 2012
  • Implemented 14 of 19 recommendations from external staff survey 2010
  • 2 past young people and one current young person recruited onto Board of Directors in July 2010


Ensure MACS has sustainable financial resources.

Financial Outcomes

  • MACS
  • secured £810,000 to sustain the organisation



Life is gr8 for young people


Provide a range of support services for young people who haven’t had a fair deal aged 16-25


Interdependence – help each other out


Make your own choices
Risk Mistakes
Involve yourself


Strength, Excellence and Vision
Getting you to where you want to be
Led by you


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