Your organisation may be eligible to use the SPIN system on a FREE trial without any obligations for up to 4 months.

The system will be modified so that it reflects your working practices and is free of charge during the trial period.

At the end of the trial, if you consider the system of no benefit to your organisation it will be deactivated and any data recorded during the trial deleted. You are not obligated to purchase the system at the end of the trial.

A representative will assist you to setup the system making it specific to your organisation and best working practices.

Many of the features on the standard SPIN system can be modified making it more specific to your organisation working procedures. However, it should be noted, there may be some components on the system that cannot be modified during a trial User. One of our consultants can guide you through the setup process advising on which areas of the standard system that can be altered for you during a trial.

If however, at the end of the trial you decide to purchase the system then modifications outside the trial parameters can be carried out exactly to meet with your requirements. Costs can be provided upon request for additional system modifications post purchase.

An organisation wishing to use the SPIN system on a trial basis will be required to complete a terms of reference. Furthermore, the organisation will be required to commit resources in the form of Users and equipment during the term.

If you think that your organisation could benefit from a SPIN trial, please contact us by completing the following form:

Full Name:
Telephone Number:
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Details about your organisation:

We will contact you back to make the arrangement to meet with you to discuss your outcomes measuring needs.


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