The SPIN computer system was developed primarily to be used by community organisations who provide Floating Support, Housing and Mentoring support services to people in need across the community. It allows the user to record Service User information, measure the distance travelled while in service, analyse Service User statistics and produce Hard Outcomes and other reports that can be presented for analysis to funding bodies.

The whole system centres on the Five Higher Level Outcome Indicators in accordance with Government guidelines.

The basket of service level indicators includes:


The SPIN management system in summary consists of the following

Front End

  • Manage the personal details of Service Users while in service
  • Records important dates of specific events while in service • Service User status management from referral, in service to closure
  • Records the distance travelled
  • Volunteer mentoring management
  • Built in diary system for recording staff workload and calculating direct contact with Service Users

Back end

  • Hard and soft outcome reporting in accordance with the Five Higher Level Outcome Indicators
  • Distance travelled reporting
  • Service User statistical reporting
  • Funder statistical reporting
  • Volunteer reporting

The Spin system comprises a database accessible via the internet. This is particularly useful for organisations with multiple offices.

As the system is web-based, all major Web browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.5 and above and Mozilla 1.4 and above are supported. This allows the system to run on a variety of platforms such as Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OSX to name but a few.

There is also no need to install Java installed for Java Applets, .NET or ActiveX controls to run the system.

Any User can avail of the system on any computer. There is no need for locally installed specialist software on the Client computer. As long as a computer has access to the internet, the User can run the system. The host applications and operating systems are supplied without cost.

Access to the System

Access is via a logon and password protected facility over a MD5 encrypted form secure channel over an insecure network.

Dedicated Server - The system is hosted on a dedicated server located in a secure data centre in the UK or Ireland. The server type would typically be an Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor with 4GB of Ram and comes with a SSL certificate.

Restricted IP Address - The system can have restricted access via IP address.


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